Snow Salting Services

When temperatures drop in your area and you need professional deicing to prevent slipping and crashes, reach out to Karin’s Services. With our experienced, courteous, and customer service-driven team, you can have confidence that our deicing services will ensure that your property will be a safer place during winter weather.


How Does Snow Salting Work?

Snow salting is a common deicing method used to combat snow and ice on winter roads, walkways, lots, or parking lots. It uses road salt — usually in the form of rock salt (sodium chloride) — to lower the freezing point of water. This deicing method can be done prior to snowy weather by pretreating the surfaces. Additional rock salt can be used during the plowing process as well.

When this salt is spread on icy surfaces, it creates a brine solution that has a freezing point depression, allowing it to remain in a liquid state even at temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. This liquid water, in turn, helps melt the ice and snow, making it easier to remove from the road or sidewalk.

The Importance of Snow Salting

Making Driving Safer

Snow salting plays an important role in enhancing road safety during winter conditions. Because salt helps reduce the formation of ice and snow, it creates a surface with improved grip. This increases traction for vehicles, enabling them to maintain better control and reduce the risk of accidents. By making roads less slippery, snow salting makes it easier for drivers to stay safe during icy and snowy weather.

Reducing Slips and Falls

In addition to benefiting drivers, snow salting also improves pedestrians’ safety. By preventing or reducing ice formation on sidewalks and walkways, it reduces the chances that a pedestrian slips and falls. Moreover, using salt instead of sand — which is an alternative method for providing traction — can be more effective in preventing slip and fall accidents.

It's Cost-Effective

One of the key advantages of snow salting is its cost-effectiveness compared to other deicing methods. While alternatives like magnesium chloride or calcium chloride may also be used, salt is often preferred due to its affordability and widespread availability. Salt is a readily accessible resource, making it a cost-efficient choice for managing icy roads and parking lots. This economic aspect is especially important for businesses, as it allows them to allocate their budgets more efficiently — using less salt to achieve similar deicing results.

Why It’s Best to Call Experts for Snow Salting

When it comes to snow salting, it’s best to rely on our experienced team instead of attempting it yourself. Our professional snow removal team is well-versed in management practices for effective salting, and they possess the knowledge of how much salt to use for various conditions. Their expertise ensures a swift and efficient response to changing weather conditions, as they understand the importance of timely application to maintain road safety.


Additionally, our professionals can help strike the right balance between using enough salt to achieve the desired effect while minimizing the environmental impact. As a result, calling our experts for snow salting ensures that the process is carried out efficiently, safely, and with minimal disruption.

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When winter rolls around and freezing temperature levels come with it, you’ll know who to call to ensure ice melts on your property’s streets and walkways. For additional information on our snow salting services, don’t hesitate to call Karin’s Services.